After graduating from Mushashino Art University in 2014, I was working out of Tokyo Primarily making silkscreen artwork.

2016 proved to be a turning point, as my move from Tokyo to New York also saw a shift in my art practice becoming more focused on oil painting.

I believed that acrylic and spray paint would be the preferred mediums in the United States,

so I began working with oils as a means of forging my own path against the current.

Soon after, I began making work such as “New Cubism” series that combine the Pink Panther with Picasso’s artwork,

as well as my “Subway” series that depicts animated characters in the New York subway system. In this way,

I have been collaging ready-made motifs with objects and places familiar to my everyday life.

Apple founder Steve Jobs famously said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.

So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future,” speaking to the uniqueness of things that are unexpectedly linked or combined.

In my painting practice, I have a strong interest in seeking out these dots and connecting them together in unforeseen and absurd ways.

I am excited by the potential for storytelling when typically incongruent or interfering points connect.

For an example, Japanese MAD videos, which can be found on most video streaming platforms,

edit and re-arrange scenes from movies and animations to create new unpredictable stories and endings, varying far from their original sources.

I am drawn to these forms of unexpected resolutions, and use them as inspiration for starting my paintings. 





その後、ピンクパンサーとピカソの作品を組み合わせた”New Cubism”や自分がいつも使っているニューヨークの地下鉄とアニメキャラクターを描いた